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U2518D, firmware M2T103, stuck at verifying stage

Hi Chris, 

I've met the same problem upgrading my monitor to the latest firmware. It stuck at the verifying stage and now it is a complete brick which can't be turned on. 

The operation system is win10.

The laptop I connected to the monitor is an p650se with gtx970m and mini dp port.

Anything I can do to bring it alive?


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* If using a daisy chain setup, disconnect the second monitor. Only have the single U2518D connected to the computer which is installing the firmware update
* Connect the U2518D to the computer via the USB upstream cable and one video cable so that you can still see the Windows desktop
* Disconnect all USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard, HDD) from the U2518D side and bottom USB downstream ports
* Those USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard) should be plugged directly into the computer
* Disable any antivirus software
* Reset the U2518D to Factory Default settings in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Others
* Download/save the U2518D firmware update to the Windows desktop
* Run it and it will ask "where to unzip"
* Click the yellow folder on the right
* Click Desktop
* Click OK
* You will see, "C:\Users\user\Desktop"
* Add \FW to the end of that line, "C:\Users\user\Desktop\FW"
* Click OK
* Open the FW folder on the Windows desktop
* Open the Firmware Update Instruction.pdf
* Review this PDF before running "MonitorFirmwareUpdateUtility.exe"

If the above does not work, and if you can cancel the firmware installation and still use the U2518D, and it does not have the green issue that firmware M2T103 addressed =
Change the Smart HDR default setting to Off
Fixed greens
Do not install it.

If the U2518D is now dead or it is working but does have the green issue, get it exchanged. The refurbished replacement should have the latest firmware pre-installed.

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