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U2518D, firmware M2T103, stuck at verifying


I have a problem with M2T103 firmware, the update process gets stuck at "Verifying update" point.

Retrying (incl. replugging power cord) did not help.

Ps.  the reason I am doing the update is "no HDMI signal" message displayed on U2518D when connected to HP Pavilion notebook with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 adapter. That notebook works fine with other monitors, and my U2518D works fine with other computers. 

Thank you.

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* What specific computer model is the U2518D connected to when running the update?
* What operating system?
* How is the U2518D connected to that system? List every port used and cabling

I had exactly the same problem which ended up by completely bricking the monitor and having to replace it. Now I don't want to risk it again without being sure what is going on.

Thank you for any feedback or hints.

System (a bit older):

MB: Gigabyte EP31-DS3L with CPU Dual Core E6300

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Connected by original USB upstream 3.0 cable to PCI-E USB3.0 card

Connected by DVI to HDMI cable to NVIDIA GTS 250



Let's backup. List every out port on your GTS 250.


Thank you for the quick feedback.

GTS 250 has two DVI-D ports. One is connected via DVI to HDMI (dual link) cable to 2518D, one is free.


We have not tested/validated the U2518D firmware installer using a DVI to HDMI conversion cable. Nor have we tried testing on a 9 year old video card. All of the newer 2017/18 video cards we test on have DP out port or mDP out port. Can you move the U2518D to another computer that has video out ports DP or mDP. Then use the provided DP to mDP cable to run the firmware.

By the way, what specific issue are you trying to fix by installing the M2T103?

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