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U2518D, headphone usage is not supported

Hello community,

I recently bought the U2518D. The monitor does have an audio output port. The sound output to my headphones works well, but the microphone from the headset is not found. I work with an ThinkPad T470S operating on Windows 7 and a desktop workstation operating on Windows 10. Both similar problem.

Any idea, how to fix the problem?

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Re: U2518D, headphone usage is not supported


The U2518D does have the Audio line-out port. But the U2518D User's Guide specifically states on page 9 =

Connect speakers to playback audio coming through HDMI or DP audio channels
Only supports 2-channel audio
NOTE: The audio line-out port does not support headphones
WARNING: Excessive sound pressure from earphones or headphones can cause hearing damage or loss

Based on that, my advice is to plug your headset (headphone/microphone) directly into the computer.

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