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U2520D, not connecting to motherboard port

I have just taken delivery of a Dell monitor U2520D. I have just spent many hours connecting it up. I successfully connected the three supplied cables to the monitor but I have found no way of connecting any of the three to the computer. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Ultra Durable, purchased in 2016. It works fine with two existing monitors, a Dell and a Benq. But I have not been able to connect the supplied USB Type-C cable to the computer. The computer has two C sockets but both are too small to take the C plug supplied. What should I do now? a) Can I get an adaptor that will convert from the larger size to the smaller size and b) if I do, will the cable then work?  Any help would be thankfully received.

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@padraig55  “Thorium” is just the name of a particular rank on this forum. The posts are all from me. Notice that the name appears at the top of the post, and the rank appears directly below. You have a rank of Bronze, for example. But hopefully the answer I gave you allows you to get your display connected.

Out of curiosity, which ports on your motherboard did you think were USB-C?

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Hi jphughan, thank you for all the assistance you have provided.

The two links to the m/b and video exactly represented the ports on my computer.

From a quick glance and not being an I.T. guy, I thought the HTMI was a smaller version of the C socket. It has the same crescent-shaped configuration.

I am glad to report SUCCESS with connecting my monitor with my computer. I took your advice and got a new HTMI cable. I connected it up but again got a blank screen. I then booked a service call from a service man. He arrived this morning and after doing some work with a screwdriver and a pliers, he got the system working. Apparently, the HTMI socket was too small, was not connecting efficiently and had to be enlarged.

Once again, thank you for your help.

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@padraig55  There is only one size of USB-C connector, so if the cable you have doesn’t fit in the connector you’re trying to plug it into, then one of them isn’t a USB-C connector. Can you perhaps post a photo of the ports available on your motherboard, or at least a link to its specs page or user guide? That would clarify exactly what you’re working with and therefore allow others to help you.

Thank you for your reply. It appears that there is no video on my C connection. I tried it with a different monitor which had a small size C on both ends. There was no video transmission to the monitor from the computer. The problem I now have is that none of the three cables supplied with the monitor will plug into the computer at the other end. The best solution would appear to be to find an adaptor that will connect one of the cables supplied to an appropriate port on the computer. Can you suggest any? I took some photos of the back of the computer showing all available ports but I cannot find any way to upload them with this email. Can you help? If you email me directly at <Private Email id removed. TOS73>I shall send you the photos directly. The C socket has changed in size since I bought the computer some six years ago. It is now larger. 

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@padraig55  Another option to consider especially if you’re on a desktop PC would be to use the USB-C to USB-A cable, which should have come with that display. USB-C ports on desktop PCs are sometimes data-only, meaning they won’t carry video (unless the USB-C port is on the GPU itself), and in that case there really isn’t a benefit to using a USB-C to USB-C cable, since you can only run USB data on that cable anyway. So try using the USB-C to USB-A cable to handle USB data, and then either DisplayPort or HDMI for video.

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@padraig55 There is a photo upload button when writing posts. Alternatively you could upload them to a site that allows sharing via link, but your email address was removed from your post for privacy reasons, so I can’t see it.

The C connector has not changed in size. As I said, there is only one physical port specification for USB-C at the moment. There is no “mini C” or “micro C”.

Hi Jphughan, Thank you for replying. I found the Insert Photos button and I inserted 3 pictures. However, the Upload button did not work so I think they have not been uploaded. However, the m/b is a Gigabyte Ultra Durable. The card (which has a C socket) is AMD Radeon R7 series. The computer was bought in 2016.

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"The computer has two C sockets but both are too small to take the C plug supplied."
As jphughan stated, there is only one size of USB-C connector. You need to post a link to the motherboard manual showing all of its ports.

To further confuse the issue, you state, "The card (which has a C socket) is AMD Radeon R7 series.". So are you now talking about a port on the added video card or a port on the motherboard itself? Those are two different components.

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@padraig55  When I search Gigabyte Ultra Durable, I end up at a page with a ton of different motherboard models, so maybe Ultra Durable is a product line rather than a specific product. The same is true of just saying that you have an AMD Radeon R7 Series. Several vendors make several variants of even a single Radeon chipset, and you’re quoting an entire series of a Radeon chipset. There just isn’t enough information to help you here. I’m not sure why the upload function isn’t working for you, but if you can’t make it work and don’t want to try posting to a cloud storage service and sharing via link, then I don’t think I can help here.

Hi Jphughan, thank you taking some much time and trouble with my problem.

The motherboard no. is Gigabyte UltraDurable  B150M -D3H-CF . (Driver-12DC1-Z170S-160CR. V 1.6).

The video card no. is Sapphire R7 240 4GB.

I have a C port(socket) on both the m/b and the video-card. As you know, the video card plugs into the m/b. Neither C port on my computer takes video.

I emailed three photos of my computer ports to Dell Tech Support this morning. I asked Satish to make them available to you.   Re: Dell Service Tag: JBF4923 [Case Number : 124207323/Service Request: 1072440010] [ ref:_00D0bGaMp._5002R1NfIGX:ref ] 

For the record, from inspection, the following ports appear. a) video connection port. This is a rectangular block, with holes, into which pins from the cable are inserted. b) approx. five serial ports, c) a blue cable attached to a port which blinks. There are a number of presently unused ports also including two C ports,

As mentioned, none of the three cables supplied by Dell will connect to any of these ports. 

If your recommendation is to buy a new monitor, what Dell monitor would you recommend that will work with my existing computer?

I suspect the Upload button did not function because I am missing the lower right side of my screen with my present monitor.



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A good explanation on how to connect the supplied cable to the monitor. I achieved this by myself. But my further problem has been how to connect the supplied cables to my computer. Nobody has solved this to date. I emailed three photos of my existing computer ports to Dell Support today.

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