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U2713 Broken, need help

Hello Everyone,

I need some help.
I have one U2713 monitor which is broken in power supply board, board model: 4H.1VG02.A00.
IC601 is broken on it.
I want to ask if someone have such type of monitor and if have kindness to open the monitor, of course if is not in warranty period, and to take a picture over the board. I want to see the IC, which model is, what is written on it, from my board cannot by identified, suffered an explosion.
I got only two years warranty, in Romania, and unfortunately after two years and 4 months my
monitor "died".
Or maybe someone know if it is possible to buy entire 4H.1VG02.A00 board.
I tried to go to different authorized service in Romania but no one want to repair my monitor, reason, it's not any more in warranty.
I don't want to give up my 800$ monitor after two years, they told me that Dell politics is to
replace entire monitor if is in warranty and not exist any repair services after warranty.
I think is not correct,
we buy Dell because are know as very good products,
we have trust in Dell brand and I think, even some Dell products it's out of warranty,
must exists support after this period. My expectation was to have post warranty services


Please see below a picture of broken IC601


Thanks a lot in advance

Miucin Marian Sebastian
<Email id removed>
Romania, Timisoara city

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Re: U2713 Broken, need help

Monitors nowadays are throwaways when they fail. Fixing them is way too expensive even if parts were available. Monitors that fail while in warranty are replaced, never fixed. Same goes for today's tv's. It is a shame but true.

A monitor that has "exploded" is definitely not repairable. Recycle it.

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Re: U2713 Broken, need help

I don't know if you still need help, and regardless of that I have a question about this board. If you still need, I will send you the photo.

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Re: U2713 Broken, need help


I don't know for , but I have the same issue : it burnt also. I can't read the reference...Also the small resistor above R621 burnt also, so if could help me I would be grateful!!

Many thanks in advance ! !