U2713H, Windows 10, can not uninstall DUCCS?

I am using a U2713H under Windows 10. I try to run DUCCS these days (last year it's OK) and found U2713H can only run under DUCCS v1.5.3. So I uninstalled it and downloaded 1.5.3 and installed it. But it shows a message saying that there is a newer version DUCCS in my computer, so the installation is failed. I even download a Uninstall Pro and run it, then install DUCCS 1.5.3 again. It still show the same message that there is a newer version DUCCS, How can I reinstall 1.5.3 again correctly? If I run the DUCCS which I just reinstalled as above, it seems to run all of the steps OK, only the last step said I can not replace the DELL U2713.icm, how to resolve this problems?

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RE: U2713H, Windows 10, can not uninstall DUCCS?

* Run the 3rd party Uninstall Pro again
* Restart the computer when done
* Download and run the free version of CCleaner
* After installing and running it, restart the computer when done

Now, go over to the Windows 10 Forum board. Ask the users for the best way to search for DUCCS in the Windows 10 registry. You are going to have to delete all references to DUCCS in there before attempting to install 1.5.3.

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