U2713H does not show up as sound device in device manager and/or mixer in Windows 10

I've been using a U2713H successfully with a Precision M4700 for a few years and now with a Precision M7520 along with the AX510 sound bar. I connect monitor with USB and Display Port. 
After dead pixels on my U2713H I got it replaced and now the U2713H doesn't show up as a sound device in the device manager, so I can't select it in the mixer to send audio to the monitor. What may be wrong with this setup? Do I need to install some special drivers? I can't remember that I did for the old monitor. 

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RE: U2713H does not show up as sound device in device manager and/or mixer in Windows 10

* Turn the 7520 and U2713H off
* Disconnect all monitor cables from the 7520
* Open the 7520 lid and power on
* Once fully into windows, check the Device Manager
* Remove any references to U2713H
* Close the Device Manager, restart the 7520
* Once fully into windows, shut down the 7520

* Disconnect every cable from the U2713H
* Press and hold in the U2713H power button for 15 seconds
* Reconnect the power cable to the U2713H
* Lid open, turn on 7520
* Turn on the U2713H, wait, it goes into power save mode
* Connect the U2713H USB upstream cable from the U2713H to the 7520 USB port
* Connect in either of these ways =
7520 mDP out port --> mDP to mDP cable --> U2713H mDP in port
7520 mDP out port --> mDP to DP cable --> U2713H DP in port
* Turn the U2713H on

* The operating system should identify new hardware found
* Open the U2713H Menu OSD (On Screen Display) -Input Source and choose the one you connected to (DP or mDP)

* Extend the windows desktop to the U2713H
* Restart the 7520
* Open the Device Manager and verify that the U2713H appears under Monitors
* Open Audio Playback. What devices appear there?

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