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U2713H, wide gamut problem

Hi, i was buyed used dell 2713H model monitor few times ago.I have spyder 4 elite calibration device. I check wide gamut screen before calibration and start process. Spyder 4 utility , give warning " this in not wide gamut screen" After calibration i see my screen %98 srgb, %70 adobe rgb.My screen is 2713H but i am not sure, maybe my screen repaired and lcd panel changed by 2713HM model. It can be possible? I check service menu, look normal, but why my colormeter said normal gamut screen? I know spyder4 not support GB-Led. How can i be sure my monitor color gamut?

Thank u for help 

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Re: U2713H, wide gamut problem

Change OSD mode from sRGB to Standard or Custom Color.
Open MS Paint.
Draw a big patch with 255 green and another one with 255 red.

It should be clear to your eyes if they are sRGB or not.

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