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U2713HM Noise / Flickering near center of screen

I've had two U2713HM monitors for maybe half a year, and I noticed today that one of them has flickering and noise near the center of it. I unplugged everything, ran the diagnostic, and it was very visible on the grey screen. I know it's not my pc because I unplugged everything but the power cable, and on the screen where the box says there is nothing connected to it I could see the flickering lines when the box hovered over the area. I tried to do a factory reset but that didn't work. Would it be possible to get a replacement?


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RE: U2713HM Noise / Flickering near center of screen


Since your monitor has a Service Tag number, contact Dell Technical Support for your country. Provide to them the following data so they can setup a like for like monitor exchange =
Email Address:
Shipping Address:
Phone number:
Monitor Service Tag number:
Monitor 20 digit alphanumeric PPID serial number:
Reason: Fails Self-Test/Built in Diagnostics (explain in detail)
Note: Once outside of the initial 30 days from the original invoice date, the replacement will be a refurbished/used monitor

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