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U2715H, Intel UHD 630, DP 1.2, Banding


I had a very strange issue. My U2715H is connected with DP to my Gigabyte B360M-D3H with i5-8600 with UHD Graphics 630 card built in. Since Intel UHD 630 is a new GPU and supports DP 1.2, I enabled it on my monitor. But then I noticed color banding. By using EIZO's monitor test page. During the "Gradients" test, I saw serious banding at 256 steps, 128 steps, and same on 64 steps. In other words, with DP 1.2 Enabled on my U2715H, I saw 64 steps while it had to be 256 steps. I was thinking there is something wrong with some Windows settings. But, when I disabled DP 1.2 in the monitor settings, all began to look right. i.e. I saw smooth 256 steps. Dear experts, can you please tell me why I experienced such behavior? Anyone had the same issue?

Thank you!

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