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U2715H, Two, Defective in need of help

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a U2715H 27-Inch monitor, unfortunately I happened to run in some issue that other users here ran into as well. My monitor would flicker for a few seconds presenting a black screen. On top of that it would sometimes go in Power Save Mode, or it would not detect the signal coming from my laptop right away (requiring me to turn it off for a minute, unplug it, replug it and turn it on again).

As you can imagine I immediately replaced it, especially since I noticed that other people had the exact same issue and did the same. Now here's the interesting part, the new monitor that I received seemed to be ok for a few hours but the it started presenting the exact same issues as the old one.

Keep in mind that I tried the following solutions: using a brand new HDMI cable (same issues), using a DP to HDMI adapter (same issues), plugging my laptop into another monitor or tv (no issues), and plugged in my laptop to the same exact monitor but 24" instead of 27" (no issues). So this led me to think that my laptop has no problem whatsoever.

I have a GeForce GTX 960M, which should be more than fine. Now I am not sure what to do, I think this is a great monitor but I am afraid that replacing it would just lead to another defective product. I am inclined to just return it and look for a completely different one.

What do you suggest ?

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RE: Defective U2715H 27-Inch Monitor, in need of help

* What specific laptop model and operating system?
* List all of the video out ports on the laptop.
* Did you test the U2715H's on another computer?
* Did you test with the U2715H USB upstream cable NOT connected to the laptop?
* Was the laptop in some sleep state when you reconnected it to the U2715H?
* If the laptop is off, not in sleep or hibernate, then connected to the U2715H, then turned on, does it work?

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RE: U2715H, Two, Defective in need of help

Hi Chris,

thanks for the response. So

*  I have an Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition(15 "), Windows 10, GeForce GTX 960 M

* HDMI is the only video out port

* I did not, I might get the chance to do it though (I did test my laptop with other monitors and everything was fine)

* I have never connected the USB upstream cable

* It was not in any sleep state

* Just tried and it worked no problem (if the laptop is already on and I connect it to the monitor, sometimes it works right away sometimes it doesn't)

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