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U2715H, requirements of second monitor DP 1.2/MST

What are the requirements of the second (and last) monitor in a chain with DisplayPort with MST (Multi Stream Transport) ?

I am using a Dell XPS 15-9560 which is able to deliver DP 1.2. Connected with USB 3 > DP in to a Dell U2715H (DP 1.2 enabled in monitor menu) which is connected with DP out > HDMI [HDMI to DVI converter] to a Dell P2311H.

The last Dell monitor is not recognized. Does converting HDMI to DVI on the last P2311H not work with Daisy Chaining?

I have all the latest Windows updates. Updated Nvidia driver.

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Re: U2715H, requirements of second monitor DP 1.2/MST

* For my Dell notes, click my name and private message me the XPS 15-9560 and U2715H service tag numbers


The flaw in your setup is the usage of HDMI and DVI. The second monitor in a U2715H DP 1.2/MST Daisy Chain must be using its DP in port or mDP in port.


Any usage of HDMI/DVI/VGA port, cable, or adapter for or on the second monitor will break the DP 1.2/MST Daisy Chain.


To use those two monitors, you will need to get a TB dock that has both DP out port and HDMI out port. Then from the dock HDMI out port, use a HDMI to DVI cable to the P2311H.


Or, get a second monitor that has DP in port or mDP in port to setup the correct Daisy Chain.


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