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U2715H, reseller purchased, no calibration report

Hi there,

I've recently purchased a new U2715H monitor. It is advertised as always coming with a calibration report from the factory - my monitor did not include one upon purchase.

Upon further inspecting the monitor screen by having it turned off and putting a flaslight over it, I came across streaks, fingerprints and even some tiny scratches on its surface. Since I ordered a new model I was baffled by this.

I contacted the seller in the meantime for either a refund or a replacement. I did read the sticky just now that recommends to buy from Dell and now I certainly understand why.

The monitor has a high amount of backlight bleed as well. Here is a dark and normal lighted picture of the screen at the standard 50 brightness:

Even when using the at 19 brightness the bleed is still present enough to be distracting. I can also confirm that this isn't IPS glow as the bleed remains under different angles.

My question: is anyone able to offer some tips or input on what to do in this situation?

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DELL-Chris M
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RE: U2715H, reseller purchased, no calibration report

Something is very wrong here. The service tag in our tool shows, "System is back at Dell" and there is no warranty information. I will private message you a picture of what the tool shows. I am not sure how a reseller got it. You should return it to the reseller for refund. Then purchase one directly from Dell.



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