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U2717D, randomly going black for 3-8 seconds

I have 1 year old Dell 27 Infinity Edge Monitor U2717D connected to an XPS that isn't behaving. I am not a computer person. I don't know enough to follow the 'Read before Posting' instructions. I tried calling Dell Support and failed miserably. For the past 3 weeks or so, regardless of what I'm doing: web browsing, typing FB or LI comments, creating email, or working in a desktop app (Word, Quicken), the screen will go black for 2-8 seconds and return exactly where it was (if I kept typing during the blackout, what I typed is there). The interval between blackouts is random - from a couple in a minute to 20 minutes apart. The number of blackouts and the length of time of the blackouts has been slowly increasing. I haven't seen any particular pattern of when it does it. I can call in a person who could follow technical directions but I have to give him explicit directions as to the steps to take - he doesn't seem to have much diagnostic ability (my prior interaction with him resulted in him lengthening the time before the monitor goes to sleep). And if it is a hardware problem, how do I initiate a hardware exchange (I saw horror story of trying to get a replacement - is it worth it? or time to get a new monitor?) Or could it be an XPS problem - which is where the Dell support call was sending me?

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RE: U2717D, randomly going black for 3-8 seconds

An easy way to verify if the U2717D itself is faulty is to test it on a different computer. Do this and post the results.

* What is the U2717D 20 digit serial number and A0x revision? Look on the rear label
* What specific XPS computer model?
* What video card is installed in the XPS computer?
* What video out ports are on the video card?
* What operating system are you running?
* How is the U2717D connected to the video card? Using what ports and cabling?
* You stated, "I have 1 year old Dell 27 Infinity Edge Monitor U2717D connected to an XPS that isn't behaving.". That implies that it was working before. So did you recently allow windows updates to change/install some drivers?

* Press the U2717D Menu button
* Go to Others
* Choose Factory Reset (page 44)
* Go back to Display
* Go to Monitor Sleep
* Change it to Never
* Retest

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