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U2718Q, M2B103 firmware, download?

Where can I download the M2B103 firmware? It doesn’t seem to be listed on your website. 

I purchased a second U2718Q and it has the  M2B103 firmware however, my first monitor has the older version.

Not sure if the firmware is to blame, but the screens color calibrations are different and very noticeable. Regardless of whether it will fix the problem I’d like them both to have the latest firmware version. 

Thank you in advance. 

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Re: U2718Q, M2B103 firmware, download?

For my internal notes, click my name and private message me the U2718Q service tag number.


M2B103 firmware was never made available for download. It is only installed at the monitor service center for new and refurbished returns.


All Dell monitors are uniquely calibrated at the factory to their manufacturer specifications. But, no two panels are identical. To get a closer match, you will need to purchase monitor calibration hardware (colorimeter) and software.


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