U2718Q, MacBook Pro, DP/mDP color problem

I purchased U2718Q monitor via dell home (Korea).

When I use DP or mDP, colors are strange like below.

In case of green, it looks the same color from 26.

However, if I using HDMI, it was not appear.

I try to change display profile.

In communities, U2718Q users are having the same problem.

There is no information about U2718Q (Firmware, Driver, etc...)

I can't receive any info. from technical support.

Could you check this?


- system info

2015 Macbook Pro 15 (macOS Sierra 10.12.6, 2560x1440/60Hz HiDPI)

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RE: U2718Q DP, mDP color problem

As you can see in the image below taken directly from the U2718Q page, the Apple proprietary hardware, operating system, and drivers were not tested/validated by Dell.

All we can offer is best guess support. You should also post on the Apple Support Communities and see if they can offer some insight or troubleshooting steps.

At a minimum, the U2718Q should be set to Factory Reset in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Others, page 42. Then, the U2718Q should be calibrated with a colorimeter and calibration software.

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RE: U2718Q, MacBook Pro, DP/mDP color problem

For anyone else looking for an answer to this. I bought one yesterday and experienced the same thing. Turns out they do not support dp and mdp for mac os x. So i bought a belking usb-c to hdmi (4k & 60hz support)  and a hdmi 2.0 cable and hooked it up. Then overrided drivers to force RGB (google this) through a script. Now the colors are amazingly good. Too bad you have to hax your way.

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RE: U2718Q, MacBook Pro, DP/mDP color problem

FW update really works in terms of restoring test color gradients but it seems HDMI and and m(DP) color output still look different.

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