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U2718Q, OSD looks so bad, pixels everywhere

I have the P2715Q and it's an awesome display. It has a pretty decent OSD too, which is not only functional, but also looks clean.

I just bought the U2718Q and the OSD is shockingly bad. It makes the monitor look low quality. When I first turned on the monitor, the logo and text are so pixelated they are borderline hard to read. The kerning and font rendering is super ugly.

I don't understand why a 4K monitor doesn't have a 4K OSD that actually looks good. For the price of this monitor, it's a bad first impression and very disappointing.

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Re: U2718Q OSD looks so bad, pixels everywhere


A 4K OSD? I have never heard of anyone complain about the visual appearance of the OSD. They just wanted it to be informational and functional.

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