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U2718Q, One LED Backlight is turning on and off


I bought a Dell U2718Q Monitor couple months back and about couple of weeks ago one of the LED backlight started to turning on and off suddenly. I tried resetting the monitor and that didn't solve the problem. There is a dim area in the middle of the monitor now which is clearly visible under bright white screen, specially when writing documents and playing games. I was just wondering if anyone came across this issue and found a fix ?

I am not sure about claiming warranty from where I live because the people who investigate these tasks in my country are behaving absolute worst and I'm afraid to give the monitor back to the shop I bought it from cause there's a high chance of me not getting the same one I gave.

reference this pic which shows the issue :-


GPU : GTX 1080
MOBO: Gigabyte Aorus Z390
Connected via HDMI

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Re: U2718Q, One LED Backlight is turning on and off

* Click my name and private message me the U2718Q service tag number and 20 digit alphanumeric serial number
* Run the monitor Factory Reset, Self-Test, Built-in Diagnostic. Then post pictures of the Built-in Diagnostic colored screens showing us the issue


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