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U2718Q, Red Corners and Dell Warranty Policy

Hi Guys!

I bought my dell U2718Q through amazon.com in July/18 while I was living in the US. About 1 month ago I noticed my monitor showing red corners after 1 hour of using it. I've contacted Dell US seeking some help regarding this problem. Dell USA said that, as I moved to another country, I should transfer my warranty to my current country and then contact the local support. I did it and for my surprise the local support denied my warranty request alleging that I bought my monitor in other country. Now I can't have support in Brazil, because I bought the monitor in the US and I can't have warranty in the US because I'm not living there anymore. I've been struggling with my local support form a month or so about this. 

Is there anyone that had this same issue before? I'd like to hear some help from Dell Adms here. @DELL-Chris M 

Thanks, Andre. 

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Re: U2718Q, Red Corners and Dell Warranty Policy

Your case is owned and being worked via Private Message by DELL-Cares agent. I did reply to them with my opinion on this matter.