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U2719D, HP notebook, no DP signal

On my new Dell U2719D, I am unable to detect U2719D on my HP notebook using DP to HDMI cable. It just says no signal detected. Tried unplugging cables powering of  and restarting. Was wondering if its a compatibility issue or something else?

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Thank you! We have received the required details. We will work towards a resolution via private messages to ensure the security of your information. In the meanwhile, you may receive assistance or suggestions from the community members as well.

We need more data...
* List every video out port on the HP notebook
* What operating system is running on the HP notebook?

* Go back to the top of this Monitors Forum
* Open the sticky, "FAQ Monitor"
* Open, "PC HDMI/DVI/VGA out to Monitor DP/mDP in"



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@userU2719D  I'm guessing that in your setup you have the HDMI side connected to the laptop and the DisplayPort side connected to the display?  (Fyi when asking technical questions, it's important to clarify details like this.)  If so, it's amazing how often this question gets asked here, but DisplayPort to HDMI cables can only be used to connect a DisplayPort source (output) to an HDMI display (input).  They cannot be used to connect an HDMI source to a DisplayPort display.  This is because most -- but not all -- DisplayPort outputs support "Dual Mode DisplayPort", which allows them to fall back to sending an HDMI signal.  But HDMI outputs do not support sending a DisplayPort signal, and displays do not support receiving an HDMI signal on their DisplayPort input.

But given that the U2719D has an actual HDMI input, why not just use a regular HDMI cable?

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