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U2720Q, yellowish, bad color uniformity, off white

Received the U2720Q and I've tried everything to calibrate the monitor to match my Apple MacBook Pro. I cannot get the whites to be pure white, they look greyish. Also there is a yellowish tinge toward the bottom third of screen.
Is this normal or a defect?

<You need to post pictures of the U2720Q stand alone BID (Built-in Diagnostics) full colored screens, page 53. DELL-Admin>

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Relating to the colours, I observe the same with mine. I have a U2720q and the colours definitely don't match the MacBook Pro Screen (I have a 2015 retina 13") to the point that it is annoying. The Dell image is always shifted to red and the white is greyish like you said. After playing with the custom colours I arrived to what I think is the best configuration to match the MacBook screen. However, it's not perfect. The Macbook is still better at showing a true white image and more reliable with the red tones. Check if it works for you and reply back.

1) Set the Dell and the MacBook to the same color scheme (Color LCD) on the macOS display settings.

2) Set the Dell Brightness to 53% and the Contrast to 91%

3) Set the Dell Custom Color RGB to R:86% G:86% B:92%

4) Set the Dell Sharpness to 60

Relating to the yellowish tinge on the corners. My previous monitor started showing a red color on the corners. I contacted Dell's support and I had the monitor replaced. I think you should do the same.

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