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U2913WM, Mac stopped recognizing the monitor via DisplayPort

When connecting via the Displayport, displays the minimum resolution, in the resolution settings does not display the name of the monitor and display empty screen resolutions menu. Before that everything was fine. Can I get the firmware file of this monitor? On your site there are only drivers.

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Re: U2913WM, Mac stopped recognizing the monitor via DisplayPort


* Check the monitor operating system list. The Apple proprietary hardware, operating system (including Windows Bootcamp), and drivers were never tested/validated by Dell with this monitor model. All we can provide is "best guess" support. You should also ask the Apple users on the Apple Forum for troubleshooting help

* What specific Apple computer model?
* List all of the video out ports on the Apple computer
* What cable are you using to connect the Apple computer to the monitor?
* Is there a true Windows computer to test the monitor DP in port using the provided DP to mDP cable?

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