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U2913WM, PSM message, press any key on the keyboard

How I mean i have same problem suddenly when working my monitor goes to nope display. I have an graphics card using it with display port to vga cable (connecting graphics card)

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Re: U2913WM, PSM message, press any key on the keyboard


You replied to a 5 year old thread. Started a new one.

First, read the U2913WM User's Guide page 15 which discuss PSM (power save mode).

Second, I need all of this data =
* Was this U2913WM purchased directly from Dell? If not, then from which reseller?
* What is the 20 digit S/N and A0x revision? Check the back label
* To what computer model is the monitor attached?
* What operating system is installed on the computer?
* What video card/GPU is installed in the computer?
* What video OUT ports are on the video card/GPU?
* List all monitor cables and adapters attached to the computer and the ports they are using and how they are connecting to the monitor

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