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U2913WM, firmware, download ?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to fix 2 out of 4 of my Dell U2913WM monitors.
2 monitors won't power on when a display port cable is connected (mini and normal input). The other 2 power on just fine on a display port cable.

The 2 monitors with DP issues are older then the other 2 so i'm assuming this might be a firmware problem.

The 4 monitors are all connected to the same system. switching to HDMI or DVI cables solves the problem, but i need these for other hardware.

Is there anyway to obtain this firmware or is there a way to download the firmware from my newest monitor and upload it to the odler ones ?


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Re: U2913WM, firmware, download ?


* Dell never posted the firmware
* I have never heard of anyone uploading the firmware from one monitor and installing on another
* While under warranty, Dell would exchange them

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