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U2913WM, no mini displayport cable message

I am trying to connect my U2913WM monitor to my desktop at home (had to move everything home from the office because of COVID). I have used the monitor at the office for several years and love the wide display. I connected the VGA cable and got the error message "no mini DisplayPort cable, will go to power saver mode in 5 minutes.". I connect the USB cable to the desktop, but there isn't a port on my Inspiron for the HDMI cable (at the office the monitor was connected to the desktop with the HDMI and USB cables).

Any ideas?


Update 3:11PM = I got it to work. It turns out that the monitor didn't have an HDMI to HDMI cable. It was close but it had one square side (it was a DP to mDP cable). Anyway, I figured out how to change the Input Source from DP to VGA, so I am all set!

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Re: U2913WM, no mini displayport cable message

Let's backup.

* The U2913WM has the following video in ports = VGA/DP/mDP/DVI/HDMI


Your Inspiron 3471 uses the onboard Intel UHD 630 GPU for video.


This is how you could setup =

Inspiron 3471 blue VGA out port --> VGA to VGA cable --> U2913WM VGA in port
Inspiron 3471 black HDMI out port --> HDMI to HDMI cable --> U2913WM HDMI in port

Then, press the U2913WM Menu button, go to Input Source and choose whichever port you used above.