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U2913WM, pink tint surrounded with red dots.

the pink tint is surrounded with red dots and only visible in dark/black background , there are 2 of them about the size of a fingerprint. I've tried every software that fixes defective pixels but none worked, I guess these pink patches aren't really stuck pixels but something else, I'm sure it isn't a faulty cable or graphics card cause I removed those and  the pink patches are still there. 

thanks in advance.

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RE: Dell u2913wm pink tint surrounded with red dots.

* Press the monitor Menu button to open the OSD (On Screen Display)
* Go to Others
* Choose Factory Reset- Reset all settings to the factory preset values
* Exit the OSD
* Post pictures of the BID (Built-in Diagnostic) test found in the User's Guide, page 58 showing the issue

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