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U3014 (Fixed USB3.0 charging, turned off SVE) No fix for h-lines yet

ChrisM or anyone from Dell close to manufacturing,

I'm in the market for a 30in and the U3014 fits my needs the best. I held off my purchase based on the weird problem discussed here

Can someone from Dell post a confirmation note when the problem is fixed in manufacturing and new revisions are released to resellers?

Thanks a lot!

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I was just going to post the same question.

Some guy over on the dpreview forums has just received one of these monitors and reports zero problems.  I asked him specifically about the same link you posted, and he replied it was not an issue on his screen.  Still RevA01, Feb 2013.

Looking forward to an update from Dell...

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I also have several issues. I searched this forum and the Internet for known problems and fixes. Just looking at this forum I found these topics of interest:

I also looked at these topics in another forum:

Specifically, my main issue is that normal use with text on gray background and scrolling up and down drives me crazy. On another forum this also discussed as well:

From what I gather, this is due to the overdrive of the U3014. I wanted to reply to the first topic in this forum (ID 19499353) put it seems that this thread was closed and did not allow any replies. In this thread, DELL-Chris M replied and said it "was design of the Uxx13" series. But the thread was about the Uxx14 series. To me, it seems that is a defect if the overdrive leads to such a bad experience. If it is a software feature, it should be easily solved with an option. Dell uses NOTHING by providing this. I registered specifically just to post this reply to get an answer from Dell and ask if it seriously ignores customer wishes for such a serious issue that is discussed all over the Internet. Maybe I completely misunderstood DELL-Chris M's reply.

Also: The "scanline issue" that is discussed in strangely seems to be an issue that Dell seems to be willing to address. Why not fix the issue with the overdrive inverse ghosting? It seems many people returned their screens already and I am considering this as well. Dell is also not giving any ETAs for revisions such as A02. Why not make the firmware of the screens user upgradeable? Sure their is a risk of people bricking their devices, but sending these devices back does not cost more that exchanging the screens by sending them back anyway.

I would hate to keep an A01 only to find out in a few weeks/months that an A02 was released that addressed the numerous problems people are reporting.

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I just received my U3014 REV A01 from Dell USA on 5/20 and it still has the "scanline issue" exactly as discussed in and I am also considering returning my monitor. I wonder if we can keep our monitors until the "A02" is released and exchange them then, utilizing the warranty. If not, I will just return the monitor immediately and purchase at a later time or go with another manufacturer.

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I would love to be able to do this and would also appreciate an answer. However, I am afraid that the only safe option is returning it. The problem is then that I would have no clue when Dell will release a REV A03 and if the issues are fixed. I would have to actively monitor forums.

By the way, I have previously owned the 3007, 3008, 3011 versions of Dell's 30" monitors and did not return/exchange any of them. But this scanline issue coupled with the overshoot when just scrolling regular text is a bit much. Otherwise the U3014 has a brilliant picture.

I would really appreciate it if Dell would step up to these issues and reply to customer inquiries regarding this issue here.

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I too would like to hear the official word from Dell on these issues.

They now have these in stock in Thailand.  I'm going to see one tomorrow, and I'll take with me some test images to try.  It's been a long wait, but I didn't want to deal with shipping returns if it has problems.

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I have not heard any reference to an A03. This is all the data I have on the U3014...

A00 to A01
* Hardware change to correct the USB 3.0 charging behavior

A01 to A02
* Firmware change to turn off Smart Video Enhance to address the random color temperature shifts
* Open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display)
* Go to Display Settings
* Go to Smart Video Enhance
* Change this from Movie to Off
* Exit the monitor OSD
* Open the DDM (Dell Display Manager)
* Click Auto Mode. This should open the Auto Mode tab
* For all listings, change them to Standard

H-lines reported on lower left
No fix yet. Under investigation

RTC overdrive on light backgrounds
* This is by design and will not be addressed

DP 1.2 and DDC/CI
* Some video cards do not support our monitors DDC/CI when Displayport 1.2 is enabled. This is a fault of the video card, not the monitor

HDMI is a video mode and not a graphics mode
* Depending on the video card, the highest resolutions HDMI 1.3 and older can do is 1920x1080 or 1920x1200. To get the higher resolutions supported by the monitor, the source video card port would have to be DVI, DP, or VGA. Some video cards now have HDMI 1.4 that will do higher resolutons
* AMD 6xxx do not support HDMI 1.4
* AMD 7xxx/8xxx do support HDMI 1.4, but (per the specification), not all the cards are listed to support 1920x1080
* Nvidia lists support for HDMI 1.4 back to the 5xx cards and for 6xx cards, except for the GTX555

(From a Forum user, not Dell) U3014 using HDMI to get 2560x1600
I used a $3 HDMI cable. Then I entered the nVidia tool and created a custom resolution. Not all settings work, but what does work is:
- 2560x1600, 16 bit, 60Hz
- 2560x1600, 32 bit, 24Hz
I'm not seeing any flicking @24Hz so I'm leaving it at that for now. According to the 1.3 spec, it should be able to do 24 bit or 30 bit at 60Hz, and 1.4 even more. But I can't configure that. I need to pick that up with nVidia.

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Dear DELL-Chris M,

thank you for the very detailed and informative reply. Concerning the information, I assume that the scanline problem is fixed in A02 units that are described in - is this correct? Is it related to the first bullet you list (random color temperature shifts)? Someone quoted you in another forum where it seems that you suggested to wait for a new hardware revision:

I have been thinking about this problem which I assumed to be the "RTC overdrive". Perhaps my unit is faulty. I understand the reasoning to improve gaming performance. This is good design. But it looks so horrible when just browsing forums when scrolling text and working on documents. It looks like a TN panel. None of my previous 3 Dell 30" monitors where so bad for "office" use. I assume the target audience are professionals.

However, if my unit is not defective, I would like to know the reasoning for this decision. Why is good "by design"? I also do not understand why it would not be possible to make it an option. It seems A LOT of people are alienated by this. I do not think that Dell likes to alienate customers.

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Chris, where do we go to get the new firmware updates and how do we check which firmware we have on our monitor?  A01, A02, etc.

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DELL-Chris M, 

Please clarify the post from MRMXYZPTLK1. This will help me make my decision on whether I purchase this monitor once A02 is released.


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