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U3415W, Staining Issue

Hello Chris,

I noticed screen stains on my U3415W beginning late last year (see pics)

Ran screen conditioning overnight and the BID test. This seems to appear mostly on gray/blue backgrounds. Noticeable mostly when the screen first powers on and comes out of sleep mode. However, it seems to be getting worse over time. I've made sure the screen is clean and no other interference that could be causing this.

Here are a couple of pictures from the BID test:

My serial number is: CN-0PXF79-74261-556-04AL Rev A01
Purchased from Newegg in 2015, but included 3-year Advanced Exchange from Dell.Please let me know what the process is for getting this resolved or replaced.

Appreciate your help!


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Re: U3415W, Staining Issue


You have to transfer the service tag number from newegg into your name using the form. Once completed, here are the exchange instructions.

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