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U3415W, dark spot


I've purchased a Dell U3415W a year ago and I've just noticed a dark spot (1 cm in diameter) on the display. My first  reaction was that its just some dirt. I tried cleaning it, its still there. Run some tests, you can see it clearly in white, red green and blue. Weird thing is, I don't think its a dead pixel but its kinda annoying. Should I try and exchange the monitor; do I qualify for an exchange ? Thanks. 

PS: I tried to take a photo but I cant capture it, it won't show.

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Re: U3415W, dark spot


do I qualify for an exchange?
* We need proof of the fault before any exchange can be discussed. You have to show us the issue via pictures or video while running the U3415W BID (Built-in Diagnostics) (page 61).

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