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U3419W - KVM Please Please Please

U3419W has the potential to be a full KVM!  Please, Please make this happen! It is just an awesome monitor, but it could be even better with a software update and have a huge selling advantage over anyone else.  All the components are there - just a few firmware tweaks.  KVMs are expensive and it's 98% of the way there.

1) Allow Switch Video (used in PIP) to work when PIP is not visible (hidden mode) - essentially a fast change to active inputs (or at least 2 inputs).  I could assign it to the Shortcut.

2) Optional (but very helpful): If a keyboard is plugged into the monitor, allow a keyboard shortcut to be assigned to a Shortcut (#1 above).  Many KVM will switch input on ctrl ctrl or some other key combo.

If this were done, then I could connect multiple systems to the monitor and switch inputs like a real KVM.  This would take the monitor to the next level.

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Re: U3419W - KVM Please Please Please

I may have misunderstood, but you may be able to do this now using standard Windows shortcuts and the DDM commandline.

     ddm.exe /SetPxP value

where value = off / pip-small / pip-large / pbp


     ddm.exe /SetActiveInput input /SetSubInput input

where input = USB-C / DP / HDMI1 / HDMI2

e.g., "ddm.exe /SetActiveInput DP /SetSubInput HDMI1 /SetPxP pip-small" would switch the active/main input to DP, make the subinput HDMI1, and turn on small window PIP. 

As with all Windows shortcuts, you can assign the hotkey of your choice to them.



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