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U3818D, two sources, PBP picture fill not out 1/2 of display

Hi guys.

I have a problem with my new U3818DW monitor.

I would like to work with two input sources in the PBP (picture-by-picture) mode.

Desktop (private) ---> via HDMI 1 input ----> forced one side in PBP mode
Laptop (company)  ---> via DP or HDMI 2 input ----> forced on the other side in PBP mode

I have installed the DDM (Dell Display Manager) on both devices.

My private Desktop is able to filled out 1/2 of the monitor complete (1920 x 1600)

The company Laptop not. On this 1/2 of the monitor, the picture will only show scaled down in the center of half monitor.

If am switching on/ off the PBP the private Desktop changed automatically the mode 3840x1600 to 1920x1600.

It works perfect. 1/2 monitor side is complete filled out.

The company Laptop shows that the mode is change to 1920x1600 but it does fill out the complete half of the monitor.

I have tested some things but on the Laptop it doesn’t work.

Could be the problem that I have no admin rights on the Laptop? The IT department installed the DDM but I have no admin rights on the Laptop.

Hope you can help me. Sorry for my bad English.

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Re: U3818D, two sources, PBP picture fill not out 1/2 of display


I do think that DDM software will help positioning app for 1 computer.Since you are using PbP, you need to find find a driver for both PC so you can change the resolution to 1920x1600 so that both can feed the screen on both side of you screen. (check Nvidia, ati, intel driver and or their forums.

By default each computer will set their resolution to what the screen can do so (3840x1600).

The scaling should be adjusted in the video card GPU settings, not the Windows Display settings.