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U3818DW, 2019 MacBook Pro, lose signal, not supported

I bought two of these monitors from Micro Center. Neither would reliably connect to our late 2019 16” MacBook Pros. They would regularly lose the USB Type-C signal or cycle on and off with a ding from the MacBook Pro indicating a charge being applied, then losing it almost immediately. It seemed to be somewhat better when the MacBook Pro were charged over 70% as I read elsewhere but still not reliable. This is all with the supplied cables. 
I personally think it is disgraceful for a $1000+ monitor not to support Apple products. I also read that when questioned about this condition, Dell’s response was that there was never implied support for Apple products in the tested systems or literature. I returned them both yesterday. 

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Re: U3818DW, 2019 MacBook Pro, lose signal, not supported

Prior to returning them, did you read the sticky at the top of this Monitors board?
Dell monitor, Apple FAQ

* In it we discussed how to check for macOS drivers to see if the model was supported
* We linked to, "Using a Dell UltraSharp USB-C Monitor with a Mac"
* We spoke to the macOS Power Chime issue



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