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U3818DW, MacBook Pro, USB Hub power during sleep

Hi there, is there any settings I might have missed that would leave the USB Hub powered on when the U3818DW monitor goes to sleep?  I have external HDDs and Network Adapter connected to the hub and it doesn't like the fact that when the monitor shuts off when it goes to sleep, I loose the USB connection.

If its not a setting, can I requested it in an firmware update?

Currently running a MacBook Pro in Bootcamp with Windows 10 connected via single USB-C for all power, video, ethernet & HDDs.  Occasionally I'd have to reboot the monitor to get Windows to recognize it at full resolution, but MacOS is always stable - uh?

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Re: U3818DW, MacBook Pro, USB Hub power during sleep


Firmware are only created for monitor systemic issues replicated by us on Dell computers running Windows. As you can see in the image below taken directly from the U3818DW page, the Apple proprietary hardware, operating system (including Windows Bootcamp), cabling, and drivers were not tested/validated by Dell.


Since we at Dell are not trained in the usage of the Apple, you should ask the users on the Apple Forum for troubleshooting opinions.

I can discuss the U3818DW USB usage pertaining to true Windows systems and standby mode. Page 45 of the U3818DW User's Guide shows us that the Menu OSD (On Screen Display) -Personalize has one listing for USB, On and Off. On meaning to enable USB function during monitor standby mode.

Can you try testing with the addition of the U3818DW USB 3.0 upstream cable connected to the MacBook Pro?

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