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UP2414Q, backlight on hours, #2

It's past a lot of time, but I still have a monitor like yours, same firmware revision, everything.

I did not experience the bug related to the number of power on hours, but this monitor is full of bugs, both hardware and software, so I'm not surprised you found another one.

Some info about various bugs.

Right now I experience one where half screen stays of a different color. I can reset to factory settings and goes away, then I change settings to Custom color (which I need to have a proper calibration) and bam!, the half screen issue is back.

It rarely happened until last week, when I used HDMI (normally it runs on DP).

Probably the worst Dell product I have ever heard of.

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Re: UP2414Q, backlight on hours, #2

Wait, if I change the gains it goes back to normal. But as soon as I turn it off and on, the purple-ish half screen is back.

I guess I'll use the Service menu to change the settings of the temperatures, so that I don't need to touch the gains manually.

Worst monitor ever.