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UP2516D, Latitude e6440, Docking station K09A, no mDP signal

I tried connecting my Monitor Dell UP2516D via my docking station Dell K09A to my Notebook: Latitude e6440.

No signal is delivered to the display.

I installed the monitor driver from here:

But still no signal

Any help?

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RE: Monitor (UP2516D ) with Laptop Latitude e6440 and Docking station K09A no mDP signal

List all of the numbers you see on the dock labels. List all of the ports on the rear of the dock.

The 2013 Latitude E6440 has the following video out ports = VGA, HDMI
The 2016 UP2516D has the following video in ports = HDMI/MHL 1, HDMI/MHL 2, DP, mDP

First, I would remove the dock from the troubleshooting. Connect in this way =

Latitude E6440 HDMI out port --> HDMI to HDMI cable --> UP2516D HDMI 1 in port

Press the UP2516D Input Source button and choose HDMI/MHL 1. If you get the Windows desktop to appear on the UP2516D, then we know that the UP2516D is functional. Post your results. Then we can try to troubleshoot adding the dock.

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