UP2715K, Only right half of monitor (2560x2880) is displayed?

Hi, my UP2715K monitor is acting funny. On this startup today, only the right side of the monitor is displayed and then stretched to full screen - the right 2560x2880, making the entire screen stretched out. This issue only manifests when I install Nvidia video drivers - if I do a clean uninstall of video drivers, or boot into bare minimum safe mode, the issue goes away (but resolution is not 5K). What could possibly fix this issue? The monitor maintains the correct 5120x2880 display when starting up, but mid-boot it switches to the right 2560x2880. The UP2715K requires two DP plugged into the video card. I have already tried unplugging and re-plugging both ends.

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RE: UP2715k - Only right half of monitor (2560x2880) is displayed - help!

To display 5K3K 5120x2880 60Hz, the video card must be DP1.2 certified and have the Tile display
feature. The driver must have DisplayID v1.3 support. What specific video card are you using? Using a single DP to DP cable or mDP to DP cable, can you achieve 4K2K 3840x2160 60Hz?

* Go here
* Click on "Configuring your system and the UP2715K to display 5K3K 60Hz resolution"

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