UP2716D, srgb Color Space

I just got my monitor from my reseller, When I set the Color space to Srgb, it still acts as a wide gamut display. So when I am working in a non color managed software the colors are over saturated, and different than in managed color space. If this Color space is set to srgb, shouldn't the display turn to srgb universally? For all of Windows? I have tried everything.. but it still precists. Im using a nvidia  gtx 1080 ti

Another issue im having, there is a reddish hue on the right side of the monitor, and a cyan hue on the left? How is this fixed? Or is this a factory flaw? 


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RE: UP2716D, srgb Color Space

Color Space (Managed versus Non-Managed)
Even though you set the Color- Preset Mode to sRGB, the non-color managed software cannot "see" this. That is a flaw in all non-color managed software, not the UP2716D or the operating system. You would need to contact the manufacturer of that non-color managed software for any updates to their software.

Reddish Hue
* What is the 20 digit serial number?
* What computer model?
* Have you tested all of the available video out ports on the GTX 1080 Ti to the UP2716D?
* Reset the UP2716D in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Others, page 49
* Post pictures of the standalone BID (Built-in Diagnostics), page 56

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