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UP3214Q/UP2414Q - 1/2 screen issue and/or No picture after powering off, then on

I got some more problems with the UP3214Q: Every couple of computer starts, once I get the login screen displayed, only half the screen shows a picture (the right hand side), with the left half being black. After login, I get the full picture. Prior to the login screen, I also have full screen picture (BIOS screen, Windows loading screen). The second issue is even more annoying: If I power off the device while my PC is still running, then power it back on, I will never get a picture again. No amount of hitting random keys and klicking about (I can hear windows and moan in the background If I manage to blindly hit the wrong option) will get back any picture. Neither will switching to another input then back, nor will unplugging the displayport cable from the machine, or putting the machine to sleep and returning it back from sleep. The only way to get the picture back is to shut down the shut down the machine completely, then boot it up again. Is this supposed to happen or is something wrong with my display?

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A little update on this - it seems to be a DP 1.2 problem only. I've tried it on three machines, Gigabyte Brix with 4th gen intel core i7, nVidia GTX 780TI and Radeon HD6970. Switch to DP 1.1. mode and things are fine.

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Some video cards will result in a blank screen or two similiar images on the display. Your video card and its driver must offer DP1.2 4Kx2K 60Hz support. You must have the correct software, Tiled Display Graphics Driver DisplayID version 1.3.



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And which driver Software should be installed for the abovementioned 3 cards on Win7 and Win 8.1 given that all three support 4K @ 60Hz AS per their specs?

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No clue. That is just what they told me. My assumption is it has to come from the video card manufacturer.



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It would be nice having a list of cards tested including drivers and OS details. Obviously I need the right drivers, but I'm using the latest nVidia, ATI and intel drivers for the respective machines and all are a nogo :(

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Hi Humba,

I had similar issues, but that stopped with the latest Nvidia driver?

I didn't have half screen issues, but blank screen on restarts stopped on UP2414Q

I use

Asus CUII GTX760

Driver version 331.82

WIN 7 Pro

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What driver did you previously use? On my nVidia 870TI  card I'm on 331.82.

It may be driver/OS related though - my old game box (don't have it to test with anymore now) ran fine with what I think were ATI 13.11 drivers on Win 8.1, then I set it up anew in order to sell, with Win7 and 13.12 and it behaved like it behaves on my other two PCs.

I've not tested the nVidia beta drivers though (331.92). I've gone through multiple iterations of the intel driver as well, but all were a nogo.

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sorry cant be sure, but i presume it was the official nvdvia driver.

i only had the monitor for few days. 

i was on the driver prior to that via nvidia auto update nvdivia experience. i got the new monitor was having issues but xmas got it in the way, of few days.

after woulds i restarted thw pc nvidia said update driver i did to the version before mentioned above and the issue disapeared.


i am currently doing a clean install of win8.1 enterprise. I hope I dont run into your issues.

Either way once I have everything installed, I will report back.

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hi i am on windows 8 enterprise now.

i had the half screen issue at longon, ie it was displaying 2 half screens.

 when i clicked the logon screen to get to password dialogue, the screen blinked and the wrong half of the screen went full screen, and the usual dialogue box to pw disappeared.

even though the pw box wasnt showing I entered the password successfully however the desktop was displaying a single full 4k screen.

but that disappeared after installing the monitor driver from the dvd.

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