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Worst Customer Service Experience EVER!!!

Here is a tale everyone should be aware of. With what else I have read this is par for the course.
It starts with a Dell monitor order. It was the last day of a sale but I got the order in on time. Joy! My credit card is overprotective and though the order was strange so they put a hold on it. I then get an email from Dell. My order is on hold but they are nice enough to give me some time to figure out what went wrong. It was at night so I had to wait to the next morning to call the card and allow the payment. The next morning what do you know, they already cancelled the order not giving me any time to actually call the card. If you say you’re going to give me time how about more then a couple hours.
Mess up #1
So I call Dell and say my predicament. Having worked in Customer Service myself I would think they would understand they might have cancelled the order prematurely and redo the same order. But no, since the sale has ended they would make me pay full price. I was on the phone for an hour to finally get someone to understand and honor the sale price since I did put the original order in within the sale time. It shouldn’t have taken that long and I shouldn’t have wanted to tear my hair out. Not to mention when I finally put the order through I was so exhausted I just signed up for a stupid Dell Financial Services account.
Mess up #2
I get my new monitor finally and it works well. I do like the look of brand new electronics. Less then 30 days later the screen goes all wrong. Pixilation so even the on screen menus are unreadable. A brand new monitor which fails after less then 30 days of use is a LEMON!!! It should never have passed quality control!!
Mess up #3
So I call and fortunately their mess up is covered under warranty. I was told a “NEW” monitor will be shipped out to me and I just need to send my broken one back. To my surprise what came in the mail, a REFURBISHED monitor!! A refurbished monitor is NOT a NEW monitor, I was lied to!! Yes, it’s probably in all the legal jargon but that doesn’t mean its right. If I purchase a new monitor which breaks within a month I should get a new monitor since it’s an obvious defect. I guess the bottom line is more important then customer service.
Mess up #4
So now after all this frustration I need to pay full price for my scratched refurbished monitor. I have the form sitting on my desk but unfortunately I forget all about it. Not to mention I don’t even get any kind of reminder email which other companies do just in case you get close to the deadline without paying. So I get a call in the morning while I’m at work letting me know I missed the payment. Thanks I forgot to pay, I have the money, when I get home since I’m at work I’ll put in a payment. Should have been the end of the conversation huh? NOPE! She goes on and on, eventually I hang up. I’ve never been talked to in that manner. It is completely disrespectful and uncalled for.
Massive Mess up #5
So what happens the next day, I get called and called and called. More specifically a call which went through at 9:46am, other calls at 11:53am, 3:58pm, 6.28pm. I put the payment through you guys. How about checking my activity to find a payment is being processed, that would be too much work I guess, better to just HARASS THE CUSTOMER!
Mess up #6
So I call my bank to make sure everything is ok. The payment is being processed, thank you bank. I talk to her about my predicament and what do I learn. From what i understand it’s illegal for a collections agency to call more then once a day according to the Virginia Attorney General. I did not know this, but I do have a phone call log coming from the same Dell Financial Services Number.
Mess up #7
So Dell, What do you have to say for yourselves?? I wanted to buy a new monitor and you ended up just giving me the worst online purchase experience I have ever and most likely will ever have in my entire life. Oh, not to mention I don’t have a new monitor and the end of all this!!
Let this be a lesson to anyone else of what you might go through!!

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience EVER!!!

This is a technical support forum and we are technicians so we cannot speak to the order process mistakes.

In any warranty, if the exchange is setup inside the first 21 days from the invoice date, the replacement will be New. Ouside of the first 21 days from the invoice date, the replacement will be Refurbished/Used.

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