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XPS 13 9360, P2719HC, daisy chain to P2719H?

I want to connect my Dell XPS 13 9360 to two monitors. Is it possible to daisy chain a P2719HC to a P2719H and connect to my Dell XPS 9360?

On the Dell website for P2719HC it says mentions "Easily daisy chain up to two FHD monitors with DisplayPort 1.2 output." ( I checked that P2719HC does has 1 x DisplayPort version 1.2 ( Can you please confirm if its possible to daisy chain these two monitors and connect them to my laptop without any dock?

When I connect my laptop to the P2719HC via the USB-C, will it provide enough power to charge the laptop?


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Different laptop model (XPS 15 7590) but same monitor question here!

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@Kotia  I don't have those specific displays, but my wife is running a daisy chain from an older XPS 13 9350 to a pair of slightly higher resolution U2415s (1920x1200), and her laptop also works with my daisy chain of a pair of U2717Ds (2560x1440).  It works fine on both of those.

In terms of power, the P2719HC provides up to 65W of power over USB-C, and the XPS 13 9360 is designed for 45W, so yes you will be fine on that front.

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