c7017T wireless monitor and windows 7

Hi. I'm trying to get the c7017T wireless monitor to work under windows 7 with the following hardware configuration:

WR517b Dell wireless receiver

Intel i7-7600 CPU

Intel HR Graphics 530

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

So I downloaded and installed the following software:

Intel Pro WiDi (now discontinued but required under windows 7)

Dell Wireless Monitor

The problem:

The Dell Wireless Monitor detects the monitor, asks for the password,

says "connecting...",

then "initializing connection..."

but then ultimately fails with "Connection failed."


Monitor model : C7017Tf

Monitor Service Tag: <Service tag removed>

Monitor SVC: <Express service code removed>

Wireless Receiver Model: WR517b



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RE: c7017T wireless monitor and windows 7

First, read through this to be sure you have not missed a step. There is a section for Windows 7 =

How to use and troubleshoot the Dell WR517 Wireless Receiver?

Here is the Dell WR517 Wireless Receiver User's Guide. Read through it.

I also see a C7017T firmware update here.

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RE: c7017T wireless monitor and windows 7

What I'm finding with ours is that it's hit or miss on Windows 7 with the wireless receiver.  We get the same message but only on certain laptops; haven't been able to find a commonality.  Furthermore, we discovered that mutli-touch on the C7017T does not work with the wireless receiver no matter what the operating system is; only single touch works which is INCREDIBLY disappointing.  If Dell could provide an update to make multi-touch work with the wireless receiver and for the wireless receiver to just work consistently in general with Windows 7 that would be a miracle.

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