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monitor E2110H

* Monitor 20 digit Serial PPID number =  s/n: CN-0d553R-64180-9at-0vxl
* Monitor ports tested = vga and dvi
* Video card and ports tested = 5850 another 5850/ 5850 CF ati mobility radeon x1600 and a 8600gt and a 8600gt+
* PC Model = packard bell easynote v7800 and two self build pc's
* Operating System =  windows xp, windows 7 and windows 8
* Have you updated the video card driver? If not, load the latest video card driver and retest: yes
* Is the monitor listed in the Device Manager under Monitors? If not, load the monitor driver and retest: yes

the problem is as following. the monitor has been bought second hand in 2010.

has worked perfect for almost 3 years and suddenly i hear something burning and i smell something burned. at the same time my whole screen turned black for a short period and started with a line slightly left from the middle. i guess something broke inside.

For more info refer to the picture i just took, http://tinyurl.com/c97jtha

i looked for a service tag but i could not find it anywhere. i also tried the detect service tag but that program failed to find one that works. it comes up whit one though.this service tag has been found with the monitor connected to the dvi out on the easynote v7800. = 83UPKGPO

So i got a servicetag that doesnt work. it just says" Service Tag or Express Service Code entered is not in the correct format. Please enter a valid Service Tag or Express Service Code.

i also found on the site that dell offers a 3 year warranty on their products and mine died based on building date just a couple months after that.

and because i dont have a service tag that works i can't get any technical asistance from the service desk.

so now im here asking what to do.

I would be very pleased if my unit could be fixed or that i can trade it in for a refurbished one.

I'm looking forward to a response.


Ronald Berkhout

P.S. sorry if i speak broken english, I'm from the netherlands.

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Re: monitor E2110H

Ronald Berkhout,

Only the 27" and larger got service tags. All other monitors were only assigned a Dell order number when purchased directly from us. Dell does not provide a trade in service. We do not repair monitors or sell internal monitor components. We do not even have monitor repair/disassembly documentation. We simply replace them while under warranty. You can try these 3rd party repair sites:

You can also contact Decision One at 1-800-786-6786. Decision One can then provide you with possible repair information for your Dell monitor.

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