monitors: P2715Q or U2717DA

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I try to compare two monitors: P2715Q and U2717DA.
The monitor P2715Q has shorter pixel pitch and much more colour support but cost less that U2717DA.

I will be appreciate if you will explain me why P2715Q that has much better cpescifications, for my mind, but cost less than U2717DA?

May be I something missunderstend?



Dell 27 Ultra HD 4k Monitor - P2715Q
Manufacturer part HXCDJ
Dell part 210-ADOF

Dell 27 UltraSharp InfinityEdge Monitor with arm U2717DA
Manufacturer part KTK54
Dell part 210-AHHP

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RE: monitors: P2715Q or U2717DA

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I would start by comparing the specifications in the Guides here and here. Then on this site. But, my guess is that the U2717DA having less bezel (InfinityEdge) versus the P2715Q full bezel might be it.