p4317q single input 4 displays

Can I use my laptop with a single display port to connect the monitor and make it split into 4?  Do I need special software instead?


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RE: p4317q single input 4 displays

Hi ajrettke,

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Yes, you can connect multiple monitors from one display port and you might need to get a MST (Multi-Stream Transport) hub. The screen resolution would depend on the graphic card on the system or laptop you’re using. Refer to this link http://dell.to/2n8flhZ to setup multiple monitors.

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RE: p4317q single input 4 displays

I believe what the OP is asking is if this monitor will display multiple "screens" from a single connection from a single laptop, possibly using a software package. The answer is Yes. The software that comes with the monitor will allow you to create areas on the screen that act like individual monitors. Per the documentation on the support site: On supported Dell models, the easy arrange tab will be available to easy arrange window layout options for this monitor. Open windows dragged into each zone will position and resize automatically.

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