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pixel problem on 2408wfp

The screen show a lot of kinda dead pixel suddenly (specially on the dark color area) and it will go away in about an hour.... and back to normal.

The kinda dead pixel thing will come back again after using a few hours later. I am sure it's the monitor's problem, coz i unplug all the cable, i will still see that effect happen.

I've tried reset monitor setting, turn off and turn on the monitor, it is still the same... just need wait when it wants to go back to normal.


Here is sample video of how it looks like, the top of the screen doesn't show those pixel thing, because the color is light, you will see when i move a windows across the dark area, the pixel is moving



I bought this monitor second, the guy said it's still under warranty, but when i look at the back of the monitor, i don't see the service tag (i google about it, people said there is no service tag on dell's monitor)


Can anyone tell me what to do?

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Re: pixel problem on 2408wfp

You must get the original Dell monitor order number from the seller so we can verify the warranty start date. A monitor purchased from Dell by itself has a minimum 1 year warranty based off of the monitor Order number.

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