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I have a up2414q about 32 days old. This afternoon I started having issues. After swapping multiple display port cables I cannot access the full menu It only gives me the option of entering the input source. Once input source entered a "cannot find cable message" is displayed. Sort of like  a self test message comes up saying no cable found/ ALso, the menus are stuck for a vertical viewing.

I checked both the display port and mini display port and the same message pops up. The laptop os working fine Mac 15 Retina 2014.

There is no way that I read to reset everything. 

At my witts end here  trying to figure this out. Help.

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RE: up2414q

Reset the UP2414Q
* Turn the UP2414Q off
* Disconnect EVERY cable (including the power cord) from the UP2414Q
* Press and hold in the UP2414Q power button for 15 seconds

Dell does not test/validate our monitors on apple proprietary hardware and software. Check the apple Discussions Forum and see what they say:

The most I can say is that the apple proprietary ports are hit or miss connecting directly to our monitors. Some apple users have mentioned that using a thunderbolt to DP adapter or thunderbolt to mDP adapter has had some success.

apple computer thunderbolt port --> thunderbolt to DP adapter --> Dell DP to mDP cable --> Dell monitor mDP in port

apple computer thunderbolt port --> thunderbolt to mDP adapter --> Dell mDP to DP cable --> Dell monitor DP in port

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