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Ask the Expert: Networker Core NMM and NDMP


Ask the Expert: NetWorker Module for Microsoft (NMM) - Configurations, Best Practices and Solutions

Ask the Expert: File System backups using NetWorker

Ask the Expert: Networker Server Best Practices

Welcome to our Ask the Expert debate. On this occasion our experts will discuss EMC Networker Core NMM and NDMP. They will be available during the duration of this event to answer any questions you may have about it; from installation, configurations, best practice to troubleshooting or any other topics in relation with this module. Here are the applications they will be covering:

•             MS Exchange (2007, 2010 y 2013)

•             MS SQL (2008 y 2012)

•             MS Hyper-V (2008 y 2012)

•             MS SharePoint (2010 y 2013)

•             NDMP

Meet Your Experts:


Diana Habib

Senior Technical Support Engineer, Level III - POD Leader

Diana has  10 years of Experience in the IT filed, providing Technical Support and Data Protection. She started working with Data Protection and Networker 6 years ago, and has 4 years of experience with Networker Module for Microsoft ( NMM). Diana’s role includes coaching and mentoring new Team members. Some of her expertise includes: NMSQL, NMM, VSS, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V, SharePoint, AD.


Shareef Bassiouny


Shareef is an accomplished IT Professional with 14+ years of outstanding record of delivering best business-technology solutions and strategic operational improvement schemes for companies and clients. He started his career as a system engineer at Geomap Consultant back in Jan 1999 and progressed through a number of positions in both local and multinational companies. His enormous experience is full of achievements starting from contribution to patents and whitepapers to being named a winner in a number of competitions including EMC innovation roadmap


Technical Support Engineer

Chris is a Technical Support Engineer with EMC, and a 'Network Engineering' graduate from Ontario, Canada. He primarily focuses on the Microsoft application suite, specializing in Exchange and Hyper-V. Prior to EMC, Chris worked at VMware as a Technical Support Engineer under the Infrastructure team, which further developed his skills in virtualization, storage and networking.


Senior Networker Support Engineer

Bao helps to provide support for NetWorker backup installed in Windows and UNIX, with focus on physical/virtual tape devices, ACSLS, and Data Domain, and NAS (EMC VNX/ISLON, and NetApp) NDMP backup.

This discussion takes place from Aug. 15th - 26th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Networker Core NMM and NDMP

This Ask the Expert session is now open for questions. For the next couple of weeks our Subject Matter Expert will be around to reply to your questions, comments or inquiries about our topic.

Let’s make this conversation useful, respectful and entertaining for all. Enjoy!

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Re: Ask the Expert: Networker Core NMM and NDMP

Ok. how about we start the Session with some few information regarding NW 9.0!

NMM 9.x has expanded to take advantage of the features in Microsoft Hyper-V for Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2.

It now utilizes block based backup technology for all Hyper-V and Exchange backups.

Thus, supports backups to AFTD and DD only

As a result of incorporating BBB, NetWorker 9.x uses two new features: Change Block Tracking and Partial Writer support.

To make CBT possible for Hyper-V VMs, a new WMI property was introduced by Microsoft called IncrementalBackupEnabled, which is enabled in the OS by default.

Now, incremental backups of VMs are possible.

Using the incremental forever backup strategy, new VMs receive a full backup first and subsequent incremental backups.

Synthetic full backups are produced from the combination of a full backup and incremental backups. Backup and recovery using these methods result in quicker completion times.

NetWorker also takes advantage of Hyper-V 2012 and 2012R2 Partial Writer support.

By specifying this option in the client backup configuration, the backup of a large scale deployment of VMs continues toward completion, even if an individual VM is found in a bad state.

The savegroup will show a completion status of passed despite any VMs that fail to create a snapshot.


NetWorker 9 Training, including FREE Technical Differences, can be found here or

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Re: Ask the Expert: Networker Core NMM and NDMP

This question is on behalf of Mohamed Saleh who posted on the invitation thread.

We have an exchange backup over DDbooost and we configured it to run incremental everyday and full every wek, however sometimes it goes full every day which make the clone 3TB takes too much time.

I would appreciate if the SMEs are able to address this question.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Networker Core NMM and NDMP

This discussion has ended. Thanks to those who've participated, but special thanks for our expert who took the time to answer everyones's questions. Roberto

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