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Backup Failure with authentication Credential alert!

Hello Guys ,

I've deployed Networker and Client side Networker user for SQL server.

Yesterday I Got a schedule backup failure with below message on NSR Log. Can any of you guys help me with the root cause?

8/13/2013 4:50:52 AM  2 12 13 5524 4444 0 xxx.xxx.local nsrexecd GSS warning Group membership for "SYSTEM@NT AUTHORITY" cannot be verified and will not be included in the user's authentication credential. Remote hosts may not see the user as belonging to any operating system group.



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Re: Backup Failure with authentication Credential alert!

Sometimes this warning can occur if there is not a servers file under \Legato\nsr\res or the NetWorker server name is not specified in the "servers" file.


1. Create a file called 'servers' under \Legato\nsr\res.

2. Specify the NetWorker server name in it.


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