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Backup has failed: Backup has FAILED. Failed to backup virtual disk "Hard disk 1".

Hey All,

i have and issue while backup VM "vmware" with below error.

Backup has failed: Backup has FAILED. Failed to backup virtual disk "Hard disk 1". Failed to finalize Disk Mover: Failed to create meta data files for VMDK: [5040] calling system(), returns nonzero

Full log:

Full Log 

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I cannot be of much help right now. But I would suggest that you look at the VMware logs as well. Maybe they will guide you better...


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Is this the only vm failing, so of vm133? Other vm backups are working?

As the logs seem to show a vmdk is actually backed up but that it complains about the meta data, what happens if you deselect the option to also backup the vmx configuration? This is a feature only added in nw19.x. Just to see what it does then?

SR01-AS2PROD.vmdk seemed to have gone fine.
vm-133-disk-key-2000-flat.vmdk seems to have issues

What are the actual nw server and vproxy versions? Pretty recent I guess?


thanks for your reply actually after investigation I found an issue with one of my Vproxy servers 

that's why every time i rerun the backup with failed VMs backup success.



what was the issue? fixed it or rather redeployed the vproxy (or performed an upgrade (which is a redeployment from a higher ova version really))?

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This was very helpful in that our team was on the path of doing svMotion of the failing VMs, until of course that was no longer working.  It turned out to be the same NVP was being used for the recorded VM failures, while that same NVP was successfully backing up other VMs as well.  A bit misleading for sure until this post suggested otherwise.

The suspect NVP was disabled thereby forcing other NVPs to do the job, and they were consistently successful backing up the originally failing VMs.

The suspect NVP was simply redeployed using the OVA update script and has been successfully backing up VMs for the past 2 days.

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