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Block Base Backup incr , But CCR is Full

Hi All

We had some trouble in our NetWorker environment , Our NetWorker server in HQ site with DD 2500 , we perform BBB Backup our file server , It`s incr backup  , But we also replication this BBB backup file to remoe site with DD 620 , Look`s like it`s Full replication

Does anyone can told me , BBB backup with CCR will clone Full data to remote ? Yes or No


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Re: Block Base Backup incr , But CCR is Full

Hi Wilson,

Not sure if I understood your question, but the clone will be always full, as you have to replicate all the data backed up, so the level for the clone will be full even if the backup is incremental.

You need to check the amount of data being backed up and also check the replication context, if it's managed by NetWorker, make sure there was no lag in the replication.

Thank you,


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Re: Block Base Backup incr , But CCR is Full

Hi Carlos

Thanks your reply ,  If my source was around 3T data in my file server ,and BBB 2nd backup was incremental backup and Backup data was 200G .

What happen about 2nd 200G data writen to HQ DD , will it become to Virtual Full Backup ?

Base on it to become to virtual Full , so replication data will replication all the virtual full data to DR site (First 3T+2nd backup 200G ) ?

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